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Where to Do Effective Advertising with Profit

Happyjade, 20 Jun 2019 12:25 PM

Marketing tools are tools used by companies to develop and promote their products and services. In this scenario, the term 'tools' refers to procedures, tactics, and resources. Massive majority of businesses use a number of different marketing tools, such as advertising, direct mail and market research to boost their sales.

It is important to know which tools best suit your business. Also, what tools you need to achieve your primary goals and objectives. Business uses various marketing tools to communicate information, stimulate customer interest and encourage action but our focus today will be on advertising.

Big businesses have now discovered that AdNaira ads are beneficial for generating leads (i.e., ‘potential customers’). AdNaira ads can direct people to a specific website or WhatsApp or Landing page. They can also attract people who seek further information to Contact advertiser through directly through mobile.

How to Create Effective Ad Campaigns with AdNaira Ads in 5 Steps

  1. Visit adnaira website 
  2. Register as an advertiser
  3. In your dashboard, under the create a new advert section, click on create
  4. Fill out your advert details. To use WhatsApp as your target URL, use https://wa.me/number where the ‘number’ is a full phone number in international format (i.e., ‘+234’). Upload your well-designed Ad banner. Read to know more about ad banner.
  5. Click the submit button and get the same result big businesses are enjoying today.

But it doesn’t end there. Business owners who are advertising should also note that advertisement is not a ‘transaction’ but an ‘awareness’. Whatever business you are into, you should know that there are tons of it out there but; advertising does the hard part for you, it takes away the extra work and goes the extra mile to make your business known to a larger audience than the rest when you advertise. 

Continuous advertising using the ‘psychology approach’ registers your business in the minds’ of the viewers which could trigger them to visit your site, take an action, sign up or make a referral, which either ways, might end up being a long term consumer and yield more profit for you the advertiser. This most of the time, could worth more than what you have put into advertising per time. 

This is why advertising is key for every business that wants to succeed, and big businesses have no problem doing that over and over again because in a long run they generate more profit that covers up all the advertising expenses. 

After going through all the marketing tools, I’ll say ‘Advertising is King’ if done the right way. 

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