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Happyjade, 30 Jul 2019 2:43 PM

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to increase the number of traffic on your website. Most channels that benefit from SEO are blogs, websites and infographics.

The higher your website ranks on the SERPs the higher the chance of getting traffic on your site because according to research, users tend to click on the first link on the SERPs.

The types of SEO include on page, off page, local, technical and universal SEO. 

These types can be utilized to generate successful results.

  • On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means all the steps that can be carried out right inside your website to upgrade its position in the search ranking. These steps include the quality of your content, structure of your content, page performance. Some on-page SEO factors include:

  1. Title Tag: The title of your web page or the main title you see in SERPs.
  2. Meta Description: A brief description (should not be above 300 words) that appears below your URL on SERPs.
  3. Internal Linking: Link related pages on your site to keep your visitors for a long time.
  4. Page Performance: Try as much as possible to consider the sizes of your image files on your pages and also improve the mobile responsiveness of your site so that your site will load faster.
  • Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO means the ranking factors steps that you do outside of your site. This also incorporates your promotion strategies like getting social media exposure. 

These factors include social promotion, backlinks, domain authority.


  • Universal SEO

Universal SEO means optimizing your text, images, videos and audio to get higher ranking on SERPs. 

In other words, universal SEO means carrying out SEO tasks to high rank your website in global search engine.


  • Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of promoting your business locally. This can be done by adding your business location, phone number, brand name, and so on. 

This is to enable users connect with your business seamlessly. It also gets you more customers and you can grow your business.


  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an advanced and most important type of SEO. It is the process of using coding language to identify different parts of your webpage. 

The code should be written efficiently so that search engines can interpret it. 

Technical SEO has three major Html tags that must be considered. They are:

  1. Title Tag <title> which is the name of your page and the blue text which appears in SERPs.
  2. Heading <h1> which is the name of individual sections of a page.
  3. Links <a href=””> which creates links to other pages on your site or another one.

In our next post, we will discuss SEO tools and how you can utilize some of them.

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