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Happyjade, 17 Jun 2019 11:32 AM

PPC simply means Pay-Per-Click. What does it mean to carryout Pay-Per-Click advertising?

When an advertiser pays for an online ad and a viewer clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged. Then the viewer will be redirected to the advertiser’s business page to register or sign up depending on specification of the advertiser.

It is a positive sign when an advert is clicked on. It shows that the viewer is interested. This is so because click is a way to measure attention and interest.

Web Publishers will be equally payed for serving your ad on the web platform the moment the ad is clicked on. A web publisher is some who has a web page or a mobile app and has dedicated a section of his/her page to serve an advertiser’s advert. The publisher gets paid each time visitors on his/her web platform interact with the advert.

Do not forget that your ad banner must be designed to be catchy in such a way that it will appeal to viewers. To try this out, register with https://adnaira.ng/ for a pleasant experience.

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