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My Top 5 Favorite AdNaira Advertising Features

Faith A., 18 Jul 2019 10:22 AM

Are you growing your business using AdNaira Ads? 
If not, Here are five reasons why you should be. 
AdNaira has many great ad features and targeting options, here are my top 5 favorite AdNaira advertising features. 


1. You Can Create Your Own Lead Ads: In addition to being cheap and greatly effective, AdNaira provides a go-to URL which advertiser can use to collect leads by simply targeting the call to action using a deliberate URL. One click on the call to action button, your two-step subscription form which includes email input field will pop up and will be filled by the user and a submit button which will automatically lead to the main action. You can use these ads to get people to sign up for your email newsletter, offer deals or discounts, schedule appointments, chat with you on WhatsApp and more. it’s quick and easy for the user, you can acquire valuable contact information from potential customers with your very own lead ads and you are likely to see better results. 

2. Behavioral Retargeting: AdNaira retargeting lets you reach people who have already interacted with or checked out your brand in some way. AdNaira keeps track of people who has visited your website, took some sort of action, or gave you their email address or phone number through your ad. your retargeting ads will show to those people as they go through the publishers platform, so they will remember you and perhaps convert on one of your ad offers.

3. Interest Targeting: You can reach targeted audience based on their interests, their activities, and their search. You can also choose category of interests to expand the reach of your ad.

Whether you want to target people who are interested in a certain business/industry, technology, fitness and wellness, entertainment, or education this AdNaira ad feature will help you do it.

4. Demographic Targeting: AdNaira also offers location targeting. you can target people based on where they live or by their job title. you want to make sure your ads are shown to people who can easily be reached or can easily reach you and to people in that category.

5. Website Conversion: When your ad is targeted to do something specific on your website, you’d like to use conversion campaigns. You define the action, whether it adds something to a cart, completes a purchase, begins a chat or browses pages.

Now that I have listed my favorite AdNaira advertising features, start advertising today trying them out and also find out which are your favorite features.

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