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Maximising Opportunities for Your Business

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What does it mean to maximize opportunities?

It means to increase to the greatest possible amount or degree of opportunities.

As an entrepreneur, the success of your business is paramount to you. This is why you always need more effort to guarantee excellent results.

The process of researching, gathering ideas, and implementing techniques implies that you are maximizing opportunities for the growth of your business.

In this article, you will discover some techniques you can use to boost your business.


Category A

You have just brainstormed on a business idea and you are about to take the first step into entrepreneurship. You need a suitable business name. At this stage, you might have an idea name for your business but you need to confirm that the name is not taken.

To confirm this, you need to register your business name with the right body. For instance, in Nigeria, you need to visit the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) either physically or online. You will be notified if the business name is either taken or not.

If you are at the United Kingdom, using the Limited Company Formation will make you know of the availability of your business name. For those in th Unites States, Stripe Atlas is your go-to. Ensure you check with your country’s approved company registration before you proceed with other steps.

Category B

You have started your business with a business name without registration. At this stage, first check for the availability of the name. If the name isn’t taken, you need to register it as soon as possible. If the name is not available, you should start working on changing the business name by either replacing it with a similar name or using another new concept.


A tagline is a brief, memorable statement that expresses the brand concept concisely and effectively. Simply refer to it as a slogan.

When choosing a business name, choose a suitable tagline too. Using tagline will help customers remember your brand vividly.

An example of a popular tagline is Nike: “Just do it”. It is as simple as that.

Domain Name

After registering your business name, you will want to consider creating a website which will serve as your online location to serve more customers. It could be an addition to your physical location.

In case you are not ready to create a completed website, you can start with creating a landing page. A landing page is a single web page made especially for a marketing or advertising effort.

It is the page that a visitor “lands” on after clicking an advertisement or a link in an email. Landing pages are created with a single call to action (CTA).

To make this possible, you will need to purchase a domain name. A domain name is you online address. It makes it possible for prospective customers to find your website.

There are different platforms where you can purchase a domain name. Platforms like, TrophyHost, GoDaddy, and so on are credible. You can check them out.

Search for your business name on these platforms to check for the availability before buying. In case your business name is not available, you can choose a different extension like .org, .ng, and so on.


Branding is the act of giving your business a unique identity in the eyes of your target market and customers. The logo, graphic design, mission, and tone of voice of a business make up its branding at its most fundamental level.

The first step is to create a logo for your brand and picking you brand color(s). To do this, you can either engage the services of a graphic designer or do it yourself.

You can get graphic designers on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and so on. You can use a platform Canva to create a logo by yourself.

Once your branding is ready, ensure you maintain your style on your social media pages. Even during your advert campaigns. You can use it for your business cards, website, souvenirs, and so on.


Once you have taken care of the above steps, you should start thinking of ways to promote your business. Before diving into the promotional aspects, create your social media pages for more online visibility.

Also, most of all these social media platforms have an in-built advertisement tailored to target most of your target audience using that platform.

You can use a 3rd-party advertisement platform like Adnaira Ads, Google Ads, and so on to promote your business.

Note that advertisement is not a one-time thing. It must be done constantly for maximum results.


This is very important and should not be overlooked. To engage your audience, start building a strong online community. Your community is made up of a group of your loyal customers.

You can have your Instagram community, your Facebook community, and so on. Once you have a functioning community it would be easier to sell your products/services to them.


Another way to keep your audience engaged is by sending out newsletter frequently. It could be weekly, twice a month, or monthly. Which ever one works best for you.

Content of your newsletter may include announcing the launch of new products, sales, or updating your customers always.


Also encourage customers to give a review of your products or services. It helps other customers or prospective customers to make buying decisions. Ensure you post this feedback and encourage your customers to tag your page.

Come up with hashtags and also encourage your community to use them when making posts.


This is very important. You need to create several payment options for your customers. The more options you provide, the better results you will get.

You can integrate these payment options on your landing page. Platforms like Paystack, Flutterwave, Paypal, and so on will do. You should also make option for Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer.

You may also want to receive Cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Once you have selected the best options, you can integrate them on your landing page.

At this point, you may want to use the services of professionals. This is because you are dealing with money and if customers would be paying with their debit/credit cards they need to be assured of the safety of their accounts.


It is good to keep account for all your inflow and outflow of income. It goes a long way to make your business thrive. Account keeping will make you predict profits and loss and it will make you adjust some certain things and help you improve the running of your business.

A perfect tool you can start with is using Excel Spreadsheets. You can get editable templates from or other similar platforms.

You may also want to try accounting apps like ZipBooks, Lendio, Zoho Invoice, and so on. Make your research and settle for the best app.


The fact that you have followed this listed process does not mean you are done. There is the need for you to continue practicing these steps for effective results.


Your business activities may be tedious for you and you may not have the luxury of time to carry out all these steps. This is where you need to hire professionals to get thing done for you and deliver at the right time while you focus on other aspects of your business.

You can always reach out to us at ProveHub to get things rightly done for you at all times.


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Kindly join on any platform you prefer. You will get the most by joining our community.

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