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Creating An Ecommerce Website

Over the years, the e-commerce industry has seen an upward surge in the industry trajectory and a continuous rise in online patronage of businesses. And considering the flow of the internet and the future of work, this growth will continually be on the rise.

The need for a great website for business development, brand visibility, and sales for an eCommerce platform cannot be overemphasized as online shopping has become a norm and preferred option for many today.

With the tools and professional services available in the market today, building your eCommerce website is easier and more innovative now than ever.

The best time to enter the e-commerce landscape is now as people have embraced online shopping, relishing the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes.

Hence, you have an extensive customer base looking out for quality products and services with the best deals available both locally and internationally. And with courier companies at your service, there are no geographical barriers for your business.

With a highly optimized, user friendly and easily navigable eCommerce website, high quality product and excellent service, your business is strategically positioned for global relevance and customer acquisition and retention.


Get a Domain Name

The domain name is your online address. It makes it possible for prospective customers to find your website.

Get innovative with your domain name while ideating. Brainstorm words and phrases that can easily be remembered while searching and can also synchronize with your business.

Among all the domain extensions available, .com domain extensions come highly recommended, but you may have more preference for others, like .store, .net, .shop, .biz etc

There are different platforms where you can purchase a domain name. Platforms like TrophyHostGoDaddy, and so on are credible. They automatically display other options and domain extensions if the one you want is unavailable. And it only takes a few clicks to have these web hosting platforms up and running.

Employ the services of professionals to handle the hard parts for you, while you focus on building your business. Like hiring professional web designers and developers while you take care of other aspects of your business

Things to note while Creating an Ecommerce Website

The user interface and user experience of your customers has to be taken into great consideration as the all round customer experience and satisfaction is paramount to customer retention. It should be user friendly and easy to navigate because if it takes long to load, it can lead to loss of customers and potential customers.

The product images should be of high quality and as professional as can be.

Establish trust using third-party like SSL certificates and security authentication trust marks to give people an assurance that the site is secure and that their personal information and credit card details are secure.

All logistics such as Payment processing and shipping logistics should be well handled and sorted.

Individuals have varying payment preference so will your customers and potential customers. The availability of different payment options, makes it easier to accommodate and cater for many customers

Carefully examine your plans, weigh the pros and cons and set up your eCommerce website to give your business the needed boost.

If you have decided to build your eCommerce website yourself, you can use a website builder like WordPress or Wix. Purchase your desired template and edit it to your preference.

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